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SIMPLIFY Donor Egg Bank is one of the first and most successful donor egg programs in the country. Patients from around the world choose SIMPLIFY Donor Egg Bank due to our extraordinary success rates utilizing frozen donor eggs and our program’s guarantee of two quality blastocysts. This  guarantee maximizes success and minimizes expense for you.

Most other frozen donor egg programs “sell” small batches of eggs, often transporting eggs from city to city. These programs don’t guarantee fertilization or successful embryo development to the blastocyst stage. Some may transfer embryos of any quality, including marginal quality early stage embryos. And in some cases patients do not have any embryos to transfer and have to start the process over. This naturally incurs significant additional expense and stress for patients.

SIMPLIFY Donor Egg Bank was one of the first American clinics to offer a successful frozen donor egg option, so has a record of achievement in the field. Over the past 9 years our laboratory has been perfecting the process, enjoying unprecedented success with over 300 live births. Few other clinics in the world have had as many success stories. 

At SIMPLIFY Donor Egg Bank, we have developed a program that puts patients first. With healthy, intelligent, and attractive donors supporting our program, our team of caring professionals is here to help you at every turn.

We are here for one reasonto bring a new life into your family. It would be our privilege to help do just that for you.


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